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New Mater By-Laws and credentialing system

Tuesday 13 July 2021

New Mater By-Laws and credentialing system
Following the successful merger of Mater ministries in Queensland, Mater Health has developed a new Clinical Governance Framework to cover all of our hospitals and health services.
The new framework will provide effective and consistent clinical governance across Mater, allowing us to develop reliable and robust systems for risk assessment, reporting, incident management, accountability, monitoring and evaluation.
The Clinical Governance Framework is underpinned by a new centralised credentialing system, cGov, a new integrated mandatory learning management system and a new Mater Document Centre to host our policy, procedure and work instructions.
A key element of the framework took place with the launch of new Mater By-Laws on July 1, 2021 across all Mater sites and services in Queensland.
  • The new medical by-laws will apply to all of Mater’s Accredited Practitioners.
  • The new Mater By-Laws will strengthen our on-going relationships with Visiting Medical Officers and enhance the experience of newly-credentialled VMOs.
  • As partners in the delivery of our healthcare services, all Accredited Practitioners are expected to respect, observe and act in accordance with Mater By-Laws.
  • Mater will provide full by-law briefings at upcoming Medical Advisory Committee meetings. We will also be meeting with individual craft and clinical groups.
By-law briefings will be held at all of our hospitals in Townsville, Mackay, Rockhampton, Bundaberg and all South-East Queensland.
Further details about these briefings will be made available shortly. The health team is looking forward to these events and I hope you will join us. Thank you for your contribution to Mater and your continuing support of our Mission.

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