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GP Maternity Shared Care Alignment

In line with national trends and a commitment to providing the highest quality of antenatal care to women, Mater Mothers’ Hospital (MMH), in partnership with Brisbane South PHN (BSPHN), has developed a range of GP Maternity Shared Care Alignment Program options.

Program outline

GPs must be a registered medical practitioner with current medical indemnity insurance.
As previously stated on page 4, while it is not necessary that the GP wishing to conduct shared care holds the DRANZCOG or CWH, they should have adequate knowledge and skill in maternity care. GPs undertaking maternity shared care are expected to meet the alignment requirements for maternity shared care and be familiar with the policies of MMH.

To provide maternity shared care GPs must attend the Mater Shared Care Alignment Program and complete the questionnaire satisfactorily or have completed the DRANZCOG, Certificate of Women’s Health program (CWH) or RACGP Antenatal ALM in the current triennium and completed the online bridging program, or completed an affiliated alignment program and the online bridging program.

To maintain alignment:

The GP must over a three year period either:

  1. attend an Alignment Program including Q&A, OR
  2. attend three relevant two hour antenatal or postnatal/neonatal CPD events (category 2) AND complete online education including Q&A.

Seminars and workshops held by the MMH GP Maternity Shared Care Program are on Saturday’s over six hours, on topics relevant to Maternity Shared Care GPs.  Online realignment and bridging programs are available.

If the recommended best practice protocols are not followed and management problems occur alignment may be withdrawn. This is monitored by reviewing patient records. GPs that have not been following protocols will be contacted, either by phone or letter to inform them of their protocol omission. Repeated omissions or serious management problems will be reviewed by the Maternity Shared Care Advisory Committee and may result in withdrawal of Alignment.

If alignment is not maintained the GPs name will be removed from the GP Maternity Shared Care Program database, which would preclude participation in MMH Maternity Shared Care.

Program alignment options

Alignment and Realignment options overview

Alignment program dates

Please visit the events page for program dates, or click here to register an expression of interest for a Shared Care program.

Alignment 1

This 40 CPD accredited course is a requirement for GPs wanting to provide shared maternity care with Mater Mothers. It includes presentations by Mater specialists as well as small group case discussions.

Topics include : first trimester presentations and recommended screening tests, screening for fetal chromosome and genetic conditions, medical complications in pregnancy (GDM, hypertension, pre-eclampsia) prescribing in pregnancy, recommended immunisations, perinatal mental health,  domestic violence screening, and communication with Mater Mothers.

Alignment 2

This 40 CPD accredited course is for GPs who have completed Alignment 1. It includes presentations by Mater specialists as well as small group case discussions. Topics include: preconception and fertility, ectopic pregnancy, persistent pelvic pain, infections in pregnancy, premature rupture of membranes and premature labour, post-partum care, and neonatal examination.

Alignment 3

This 40 CPD accredited course is for GPs who have completed Alignment 1. The programme incorporates 2 x 2 hour sessions covering facets from the following broad topics: medical issues, obstetric complications and mental health. It is a requirement to listen to a short series of informative podcasts prior to attending AM3. 

Please note: GPs are required to complete Alignment 1 before participating in Alignment 2 or 3, however may do 2 or 3 in any order. 

Online Realignment and Bridging Program

The online education option  is for GPs who have previously attended a Mater alignment or an affiliated program or who have completed a DRANZCOG in the last three years.  It takes approximately two and a half hours and is approved for 4 RACGP CPD accredited activity points.

GP Maternity Shared Care - Online Realignment and Bridging Program

If you require any further assistance in finding out which training option is right for you, please contact the Program Administrator on 07 3163 1500 or

Program resources

A range of program resources has been developed to assist in completing the MMH GP Maternity Shared Care Program and Advanced Program, and to enhance clinical knowledge and MMH referral processes.

Guidelines and policies

A list of guidelines and policies relating to GP Maternity Shared Care is available to assist you along with a MMH patient catchment map

Aligned GPs

Once you are aligned and have given permission for your practice details to be listed they will appear on the  Mater Mothers' Hospital website. Please advise the program administrator via email if your details need to be updated.

Patient Referrals

To refer an uninsured patient to Mater Mothers' Hospital please complete our antenatal referral form.

Further information

For further information about Shared Care please contact the GP Liaison Midwife on telephone 07 3163 1861, mobile 0466 205 710 or email

For event registration enquires please contact the Program Administrator by email

GP Advisors for the MMH GP Maternity Shared Care Alignment Program are supported by PHN Brisbane South.


GP Liaison Midwife, Mater Mothers’ Hospital

Telephone: 07 3163 1861
Mobile: 0466 205 710

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