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The multidisciplinary neurological team at Mater Neurosciences Centre Brisbane offer a private EEG service for the following clinical indiciators:

  • Routine EEG
  • Sleep deprived EEG
  • Prolonged EEG

Thousands of Queenslanders suffer from epilepsy, a neurological condition where alterations in brain activity can result in seizures. There are various types of epilepsy and while medications are effective for most patients, sometimes they are not successful. It is possible in some of these cases to treat epilepsy using surgery. 

The Mater Neurosciences Centre is Queensland’s first Advanced Epilepsy Unit, specialising in the treatment of refractory focal epilepsies using state of the art equipment for epilepsy surgery. 

The facilities include specialised private patient monitoring rooms which are located in close proximity to the dedicated monitoring station that is staffed by highly trained scientists and nurses 24 hours daily.  We also have several reading stations where the information gathered from EEG monitoring and other tests is precisely analysed. Our unit also collaborates with researchers who are working to better understand epilepsy and how to improve treatments so you may get to meet these teams during your evaluation.

Our team is made up of epileptologists, neurosurgeons, EEG scientists, engineers and epilepsy nurses who all work together to provide the highest level of care in the diagnosis and treatment of focal epilepsy. We also work collaboratively with the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital Comprehensive Epilepsy Program, ensuring epilepsy service delivery across the state of Queensland and we have close links to interstate and international epilepsy centres.

How to Refer

GP or tertiary referrals only.

Click here to download the referral form.

Contact details:

Mater Private EEG Service
Suite 2, Level 3, Salmon Building
South Brisbane  QLD  4101

T 07 3163 8333
F 07 3163 3601

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