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Changes to access for Mater Doctor Portal

There have been some recent changes to the way Mater Doctor Portal is accessed that you will need to know. Find out what this means for you and your practice.

Mater Doctor Portal

Mater Doctor Portal is a tool that will improve communication with external health care providers and enhance continuity of patient care.

Initiated in 2010, Mater Doctor Portal contributes to Mater’s objective of putting the patient first by improving the quality and timeliness of patient information.

Alongside improving the availability of health information to authorised individuals, organisations and continuity of health care for patients Mater Doctor Portal has been designed to:

  • maintain the privacy and confidentiality of patients when sharing health information as per the security standards defined by the National eHealth Transition Authority (NEHTA)
  • provide a secure electronic mechanism for participating providers to share information from their compliant practice management systems
  • provide a secure web process for sharing health information between Mater and affiliated external health care providers
  • enhance the patient experience by improving the exchange of clinical information between Mater and external health care providers (including Queensland Health)
  • provide a single point of access to Mater’s electronic patient information

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Mater Doctor Portal and Mater Shared Electronic Health Record (EHR)

Mater Doctor Portal enables affiliated external health care providers to not only see Mater electronically-held obstetric information about their patient but also to upload their own patient information from their compliant practice management system.

External health care providers are able to ‘push’ a patient’s clinical data into the Mater Shared EHR, providing a consolidated, electronic summary of the clinical information about a patient’s pregnancy, in a consistent place.

To receive full functionality from Mater Shared EHR and Mater Doctor Portal, compliant practice software is required. This includes Best Practice and Medical Director (if used with the PEN Computing Systems add-on), and Genie.

All affiliated health care providers have the ability to upload information from their own practice systems into the Mater repository, allowing all parties involved in a woman's pregnancy journey to have transparent and easy access to all relevant information, enabling a better quality of care to be delivered.

Practice value

Sharing of information between Mater, compliant practice management systems and Mater Shared EHR enables practices in their day-to-day operation to:

  • eliminate the need to double enter information
  • reduce time spent retrieving and collating patient health information
  • thoroughly overview a patients progress
  • enhance timely clinical decision making through peer-to-peer electronic information sharing
  • electronically access a dynamic online theatre lists for surgeons and anaesthetists
  • access patients insurance details
  • access pathology and radiology results.

What information is available?

There is a large range of clinical information that can be accessed via the Mater Doctor Portal. This information base will expand as more of a patient’s record is captured and stored electronically.

A snapshot of information currently published via the Mater Doctor Portal includes:

  • Mater Pathology reports
  • Mater Radiology reports
  • QScan Radiology reports
  • Queensland XRay reports
  • Inpatient attendance information (including discharge summaries and clinical classification information)
  • Emergency attendance information and clinical summary notes
  • Allied Health attendance and appointment information
  • Outpatient attendance and appointment information
  • Outpatient letters
  • pregnancy/maternity information including antenatal, labour and delivery, postnatal (discharge summary) and home care summaries
  • perinatal summary including antenatal, labour and delivery, postnatal and neonatal information
  • medications dispensed to inpatients
  • operation reports
  • oncology/chemotherapy day presentations and summaries from encounters and treatment pathways
  • SNP and QML pathology reports
  • Patient alerts

For help with logging on, experiencing a technical difficulty or for information about how to sign up to Mater Doctor Portal please contact:

Mater Doctor Portal team

Telephone: 1800 228 470
Email: Mater Doctor Portal

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