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New VELYS orthopaedic surgical robot - Queensland's first

Wednesday 23 March 2022

New VELYS orthopaedic surgical robot - Queensland's first

Patients are being given a new lease of life at Mater thanks to the latest investment in robotic-assisted surgery.

Mater Private Hospital Brisbane is the first hospital in Queensland to operate the VELYS Robotic-Assisted Solution – state-of-the-art technology that supports surgeons performing total knee replacements.

The VELYS system eliminates the need for patients to undergo pre-op CT scans before robotic-assisted surgery thanks to its advanced real-time, infra-red optical tracking system, which allows surgeons to make high-precision, guided cuts during the procedure.

The system also helps surgeons to verify they have achieved the correct alignment and tension of soft tissues surrounding the patient’s new synthetic knee joint – and it can be swiftly moved between operating theatres in busy hospitals.

The technology also opens up new opportunities for orthopaedic surgeons at Mater to be involved in training which involves simulation in a virtual reality operating theatre.

Mater Health Executive Director Daniele Doyle said patients were benefiting from Mater’s ongoing commitment to providing its clinical teams with the latest technology. 

“Mater has a strategic vision for our orthopaedic services to become early adopters of technology and evidenced-based innovations.

“Robotic-assisted procedures are generally less invasive and allow high surgical precision, which can mean faster recovery and fewer complications for our patients.

“The VELYS system was only launched last year in the US and I’m thrilled that we are the first hospital in Queensland to offer this technology to patients at Mater Private Hospital Brisbane.”

Mater’s Orthopaedic Surgeons are experienced using the new technology and are very pleased by the navigational component of the system which allows optimal positioning during surgery and exceptional accuracy.

The navigational component of the system allows the surgeon to obtain optimal implant positioning during surgery while having full control during a robotic-assisted procedure.

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