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Do you have a patient whose newborn has sensitive skin?

Monday 4 March 2019

Do you have a patient whose newborn has sensitive skin?

Did you know that Mater’s maternity and baby care products are Australia’s first hospital-developed product range and is used daily in hospitals and by parents across Australia?

Recently featured in Eczema Quarterly*the range has been co-created by midwives and mums. They have been specifically formulated for sensitive skin, made with high quality, low irritant ingredients, are dermatologically tested and do not have petrochemicals or added parabens—a baby skin care range you can feel comfortable recommending.

Mater Baby Wash, Mater Baby Moisturiser and Mater Nappy Balm are three products within the baby skin care range helping to make the daily routine easier for the whole family.

Mater Baby Wash is a lightly foaming soap-free (no SLS) cleanser for daily use on skin and scalp—an all-in-one wash (and no-tears formula) to help keep skin soft and protected by retaining the skin’s natural oils and moisture. After bath time, Mater Baby Moisturiser offers the perfect extra mild lotion to gently massage into skin to provide long lasting protection from dryness and to keep skin smooth.

Mater Nappy Balm’s soothing formula is ideal for nourishing red and delicate bottoms. Formulated to closely replicate the vernix, Mater Nappy Balm forms a protective barrier to repel wetness while still maintaining breathability and moisturising the skin. Perfect to deal with our Australian climate!

The Mater Baby Products’ range also includes five sizes of Mater Nappies to suit growing babies from the day they are born through to their toddler years. The nappies, designed to quickly absorb liquid and draw away moisture from baby’s delicate skin, are proven not to cause skin irritation – a perfect start for a precious baby.

If you have a patient who would benefit from using Mater Baby Products, we have a store locator that can help them find their closest stockist. Visit the website for more information:

*The official publication of the Eczema Association of Australasia. 

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