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Patient-dedicated parking receives glowing reviews

Tuesday 26 June 2018

Patient-dedicated parking receives glowing reviews

In February this year, Mater Hill West Car Park was established as a patient-only car park during set hours to provide easier access for patients—a decision that has been praised by patients, tenants and staff.

In line with Mater’s Exceptional Every Time strategy, patient-dedicated parking was identified as the most supportive way to help patients access Mater’s services in a timely manner. Instead of missing appointments or running late due to spending excessive time locating a parking space, patients can now park at Mater Hill West Car Park with ease.

In August 2017 (prior to patient-dedicated parking), 57 492 public and 72 393 staff used Mater’s car parks. By comparison, in May this year (after implementing patient-dedicated parking) 61 072 public and 73 435 staff used Mater’s car parks. This shows that, despite a growing staff team, Mater was able to accommodate an additional 163 public parkers per day, with capacity for over 100 extra spaces.

This six per cent daily increase in capacity for public parkers makes a big difference to Mater’s patients, easing their stress and more efficiently meeting their needs.

The change has received a wave of support from Mater Private Clinic tenants.

“At a recent Mater Private Clinic tenants’ meeting, the tenants let me know they were ‘delighted’ with the decision to dedicate Mater Hill West Car Park as a patient-only facility,” Property Manager Nicole Vowles said. 

“They were very happy and noted that all of their patients are now running on time and the feedback they have received is a lot better.”

Mater staff also praised the change.

“We’re right behind these changes. Patient-centred care is of course our priority, and access to parking is part of this,” Dietetics Team Leader Dione Jacka said.

“Anecdotally, we’re seeing fewer late arrivals, cancellations and ‘no shows’ due to the change. Instead of coming in, driving around for 20 minutes and then giving up, patients are able to easily find a park and are on time to their appointments.”

Registered nurse Jennifer Ronalds agrees: “I just want to say that I think it is one of the single most wonderful ideas that the Mater has instigated for the convenience of Mater patients”.

Director Anaesthesia Frank Phillips also provided feedback after visiting his relative at Mater Private Hospital Brisbane.

“I want to say—as a relative of a patient who recently had surgery—how impressed I was with the change of access for patients. With my parents (one of whom had neck surgery), it made it much easier to get them to where we needed to be and significantly reduced my stress levels. I fully support the move,” he said.

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