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Living well in the bay—allied health support services for cancer patients

Friday 30 April 2021

Living well in the bay—allied health support services for cancer patients

Mater at Home is proud to announce the launch of a new partnership with Mater Cancer Care Centre Redland (MCCCR) to deliver dietetic and clinical psychology services to our oncology patients. Through this collaborative approach, Mater at Home’s allied health team will work alongside the centre’s medical and nursing staff to provide a holistic approach to their recovery and care.

Mater at Home is committed to ensuring the wellbeing of MCCCR patients throughout their entire treatment journey.

Patients referred by their GP will receive bulk billed Medicare, or they can access the clinics privately utilising their private health insurance (subject to their specific cover allowances).


Under the Better Access to Mental Health Care initiative, patients can receive psychological treatment when they have been diagnosed by their GP with a mental health disorder.

People going through cancer treatment may experience a wide range of emotions and potential mental disorders including anxiety, depression, adjustment difficulties, trauma, interpersonal problems, or experience an exacerbation of preexisting mental health concerns.

Facilitated by clinical psychologist, Arwyn Warner, the clinic can assist with the management of these conditions, stress associated with cancer and treatment, grief and loss counselling, chronic pain, insomnia, and fatigue.


Under the Chronic Disease Management scheme, our dietetics clinic allows patients the opportunity to gain greater control of their chronic health conditions. Poor dietary choices could be contributing to worse outcomes for patients including loss of physical strength, immunity, inflammation, or metabolic health.

Facilitated by dietitian, Katie Mellish, this bulk-billed clinic is designed to provide patients with an holistic approach to healthy diet and lifestyle choices. Our care extends to:

  • oncology patients (meeting nutritional requirements throughout their treatment)
  • nutrition support for loss of appetite, including discounted rates for nutritional supplements
  • dietary management of diabetes/metabolic syndrome, to reduce the risk of future complications and work in tandem with medical management
  • patient-centred weight loss counselling, for those who are struggling to lose weight
  • diagnosing and treating food intolerances (including IBS, FODMAPs, Salicylates, Amines, eosinophilic oesophagitis.


Mater Medical Centre Weippin Street, Cleveland


Psychology: Tuesday 12 pm to 4 pm (fortnightly)

Dietitian: Monday 1 pm to 4 pm (fortnightly)


Government subsidised with Medicare or Private Health options available


Please contact Mater at Home by calling 07 3163 1760, or email

You can also find more information about services available through Mater at Home by visiting their website,

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