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Dr Faisal Ameer

Specialty: Respiratory and Sleep Medicine
Practices at:
Phone 07 3199 3222
Fax07 3199 3223

Consult Rooms

Brookwater Specialist Suites
2 Tournament Drive
Brookwater QLD 4300


Dr Faisal Ameer is a VMO at the Mater Private Hospital Springfield and Staff Specialist in Respiratory medicine at the Ipswich General Hospital.

Dr Ameer has completed specialist training In Internal Medicine and Respiratory Medicine from Adelaide.

Dr Ameer has established private practice in Springfield, Brookwater Specialist suites and also provide inpatient respiratory consultative services at the Mater Private Hospital Springfield

Dr Ameer’s interests lie in pulmonary nodule, lung and pleural malignancies, pleural infection and interstitial lung diseases.

Dr Ameer also provides comprehensive and robust outpatient and inpatient care for various respiratory disorders including COPD/Asthma and Sleep Apnoea.

Dr Ameer have a deep interest in educating clinical medicine and had been awarded a senior clinical lecture position by the University of Queensland.


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