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Dr Tal Jacobson

Specialty: Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Special Interests: Endometriosis; pelvic pain; fibroids; menstrual disorders; fertility.
Practices at: MHB MMPB MPHB
Phone 07 3332 1999
Fax07 3332 1990

Consult Rooms

Eve Health
Level 1, Boundary Court
55 Little Edward Street
Spring Hill QLD 4000
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“As an obstetrician I focus on individuals and their own approach to pregnancy and childbirth. There is no ‘one size fits all’.” - Dr Tal Jacobson

Dr Tal Jacobson supports all in-hospital birthing options, ranging from natural delivery and water births, through to elective caesarean section. He believes that this choice lies with the mother, and his role as an obstetrician is to provide individualised advice and recommendations to aid in this decision.

He has extensive experience in both low and high-risk obstetrics and has the experience to manage pregnancies in a way that feels relaxed and comfortable for the parents, whilst maintaining a highly focussed surveillance for potential risks.

As the Director of Eve Health, Dr Jacobson is able to offer his patients a highly personalised service, with the back-up of on-call obstetricians, as well as onsite midwives, physiotherapists, psychologists, dieticians and nurses. He also offers gynaecology and fertility services, so is able to help his patients in all aspects of their reproductive journey.

Outside of obstetrics, Dr Jacobson and his wife have three teenage boys, a golden labrador and three cats who keep them busy. He is also a keen road cyclist who often uses this interest to raise money for charities, by taking part in city-to-city charity rides.

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