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Rapid ACCESS Service

Rapid Aged Care Coordination, Evaluation and Specialised Support (ACCESS) Service

Our mobile emergency department, substitutive care service works in partnership with local GPs and Queensland Ambulance Service to deliver coordinated healthcare into the homes of our well-aged community.

Providing a single point of contact for GPs who have patients with acute healthcare needs, not requiring hospital-based investigations, Mater at Home’s Rapid ACCESS Service provide a community centric alternative to hospital admission.
The service aims to provide coordinated and collaborative care for those who are well-aged and frail, assist them in avoiding an emergency department presentation or hospitalisation.
Our Rapid ACCESS Service provides:
  • phone triage during business hours to assess acute needs, matching appropriate care needs and setting
  • emergency department nursing and/or medical assessment in the home, with access to specialist support and Mater’s elder care health service
  • Hospital in the Home (HITH) and GP Shared Care governance model
  • care coordination across multidisciplinary home visiting and telehealth clinical teams to support patients through acute, subacute and restorative care phases
  • care coordination and community integration.

Service objectives

  • Provision of safe, effective care in a home environment
  • Avoidance of unnecessary emergency department visits
  • Avoidance of hospitalisation through direct admission to Hospital in the Home
  • High level of patient and carer satisfaction.

Our team

  • Medical team, including specialist general physicians, geriatricians and infectious diseases physicians
  • Clinical nurses
  • Pharmacists
  • Social workers
  • Occupational therapists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Speech pathologists
  • Dietitians
  • Psychologists.

Service eligibility

People over 70 years of age who are suffering from acute conditions—that do not require urgent, hospital based management—would benefit from rapid medical and allied health assessment at home. This includes, but is not limited to:
  • general decline and frailty
  • recurrent falls
  • polypharmacy
  • skin ulceration and infections
  • back pain
  • psychosocial distress.

How does Rapid ACCESS Service work?

Step 1: Local GPs or Queensland Ambulance Service will need to call Mater at Home on 0435 431 114.
Step 2: Our Clinical Nurse Coordinator will triage all calls.
Step 3: A Clinical Nurse will complete a home visit within 24 hours.
Step 4: Medical review will occur face to face or via telehealth, or both.
Step 5: A clinical care plan will be determined and will involve:
  • coordination of health care services into the home, or
  • admission to Hospital in the Home with coordinated care as needed
  • transfer to Mater emergency department for coordinated care by our elder care team.
Referring GPs will receive communication on assessment and on discharge from the service including the patients’ care plan, assessment results, summary of community supports in place, and discharge summary.

More information

For more information or to arrange for treatment to be provided, please call Mater at Home’s Rapid ACCESS Service clinical nurse on 0435 431 114 or email and our team will take your details and provide you with all required information. Our business hours are 7.30 am to 4 pm.


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