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Outpatient (Adult) Referrals

Mater Hospital Brisbane uses a standard referral form to access public clinics, which must be used for all referrals the Mater Adult specialist clinic. 

To eliminate the need for Mater to contact you for clarity around any clinical information or named referrals, please ensure forms are completed in full before presentation back to the clinic.

Outpatient Clinics - Adult - Referral Guidelines have been created to assist with appropriate referral pathways for each outpatient specialty.

If your patient prefers to be seen privately, please refer directly to one of Mater's visiting private specialists.


Outpatient Clinic Forms

Mater Hospital Brisbane specialist clinics referral form is available as a PDF form for download or as a template ready for integration into your practice management software.

  • Referral template forms for practice management software can be downloaded below, enabling required fields to be auto-completed from your practice management system. The completed form can be faxed to 07 3163 8548 or by secure messaging where enabled.

Tip: Prior to importing the template into your practice management system, you will be required to save it as a document to your local or network drive - do not open the document prior to saving. To complete the import, open and follow the instructions attached to the relevant software template below.

Practice Software Template Last updated Instructions
Medical Director Medical Director template v3.4 June 2018 Open
Best Practice Best Practice template v 3.4 June 2018 Open
Genie Genie template June 2018 Open

We will notify you via email when there are updates to the forms.

Referral enquiries and technical support

For information on referrals, criteria, scheduled appointments or technical support for our templates we have implemented a GP Priority phone line: 07 3163 2200.

For questions or feedback regarding referrals to Mater Specialist Clinics email [email protected].

For more information on templates and e-referrals via secure messaging, view our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

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