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Palliative Care – public patients 


This page contains information for general practitioners on how to refer patients aged 16 years and over Palliative Care services at Mater Hospital Brisbane.


The Pallative Care service at the Mater Cancer Care Centre provide management for patients with active, progressive, life-limiting disease for whom the prognosis is limited and the focus of care is the quality of life (cancer and non-cancer diagnosis). The Palliative Care team consists of medical specialists and two dedicated Clinical Nurse Consultants. The Clinical Nurse Consultants provide education, assessment, telephone follow up, discharge planning and linkage to supports to patients and their families. Patients also have access to allied health services including physiotherapy, psychology, social work, occupational therapy and dietetics. 

The Palliative Care service have strong links to clinical trails, with a dedicated Clinical Trials Coordinator. 

How to refer

If referral for care is indicated please list all of the General Referral Information, reason for request, and essential information as indicated below.

Referrals can be sent by:

Smart Referrals

Digital referrals in your practice software that include templates linked with referral criteria for quality handover for any public hospital


Cloud solution in your practice software that eliminates the need for template management

Secure messaging

Medical Objects:   HM4101000R8

HealthLink EDI: materref     

Fax         07 3163 8548

For fax and secure messaging our latest Mater Adult Referral Form or Antenatal Form are available to  embed into most major Practice Management software systems.

Scope of Service

Conditions out of scope

The following conditions are not routinely provided at Mater Hospital Brisbane:



View list of conditions:

  • This service does not provide a chronic pain service.  
  • Mater is unable to provide home visits to patients.  If a patient is likely to be too ill to attend the clinic, please consider a referral to their local palliative care service or telephone the on-call Palliative Care Consultant for advice.


Conditions in scope

Palliative Care

Essential information (Referral will be declined without this)

Additional referral information (useful for processing the referral)

  • Relevant imaging and pathology results where available
  • Any relevant correspondence
  • Advance Care Planning document (if available)

Other useful information for management (not an exhaustive list)


Available appointments are provided to our patients based on clinical priority. A process of categorisation ensures safety and equity of access.

Category 1 – urgent

Clinically recommended timeframe for initial appointment is 30 days

Category 2 - Priority

Clinically recommended timeframe for initial appointment is 90 days

Category 3 - Routine

Clinically recommended timeframe for initial appointment is 365 days

Patients seen within 7 days

  • Uncontrolled Symptoms
  • End of life issues causing significant patient/carer distress

Patients seen within 30 days

  • Asymptomatic patients
  • Future care planning

No category 2 criteria

No category 3 criteria


Our Specialists

Professor Janet Hardy

Director of Palliative Care

A/Prof Phillip Goode

Staff Specialist – Palliative Care

Dr Russell Richard

Staff Specialist – Palliative Care

Dr Rohan Vora

Staff Specialisdt - Palliative Care


Bulk Billed Clinics 

Mater Health offers patients the opportunity to attend bulk billed clinics. To provide your patient with the opportunity to attend a bulk billed clinic, please provide a named referral to one of the specialists listed above.

Contact Us 

If you would like to discuss a referral, including clinical criteria, or update the status of a current patient please contact our priority GP phone line on 07 3163 2200 

Current Waiting Time for Appointments 

We provide up to date data on how long patients are waiting for their first appointment by specialty here.

Referral Guideline Development:

These Mater Referral Guidelines have been developed locally by GPs and specialists to support safe and quality referral to publicly funded specialist outpatient services.


Content last reviewed: 15 February 2018




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