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Mater Research

Mater Research is a world class institute committed to discovering ways to prevent and treat conditions affecting babies, children, adolescents and adults - helping them to lead healthy lives.

Since its beginnings in 1998 Mater Research has grown significantly and is supported by internationally recognised staff with long established clinical links.

The Research teams conduct research into:

  • common diseases affecting children and adults
  • more effective diagnosis and treatment of disease
  • improving health outcomes for mothers and babies
  • understanding development from babies through to adolescence and adulthood

Research areas are clustered into four broad, multi-disciplinary themes, with each theme involving multiple aspects of basic research, clinical departments and hospitals.  These four themes are closely integrated with the clinical services at Mater and involve:

Mater Research aims to discover, develop, translate, and commercialise medical research that integrates with relevant areas of excellence within Mater Health Services.

Visit the Mater Research website.

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