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Mater Doctor Portal - changes to access

There have been some recent changes to the way Mater Doctor Portal is accessed that you will need to know.

How can I access Mater Doctor Portal Now?

If you have a Medicare PKI SHA-1 key you can apply for access to the Mater Doctor Portal now by calling 1800 228 470 or emailing for assistance.

If your practice has updated electronic security recently, you will have been advised that the PKI USB has been replaced by an electronic certificate. Unfortunately, without the PKI USB, you won’t be able to access Mater Doctor Portal.  The solution is as simple as ordering a PKI USB as well as a certificate. Mater is working to address this issue - see below.

How can I access Mater Doctor Portal in the future?
Mater is currently working on a technical solution to support SHA-2 keys and this work is expected to be completed by July 2017. If you would like to be contacted when this work is completed please email or call 1800 228 470 to register your interest and we will contact you when access is available.

Are there going to be further improvements to Mater Doctor Portal?
Mater is committed to improving access for clinicians to Mater Doctor Portal and we have commenced work to improve your experience. Mater’s new solution is expected to be available in late 2017 and aims to provide the following key benefits:

  • Online ID verification
  • Single user interface to log in
  • Faster, streamlined set up process
  • Medicare PKI not required

Key contacts
Phone: 1800 228 470



For help with logging on, experiencing a technical difficulty or for information about how to sign up to Mater Doctor Portal please contact:

Mater Doctor Portal team

Telephone: 1800 228 470
Email: Mater Doctor Portal

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